Young Member Support

Many young people come to our fellowship who are suffering in their relationships with others.  In this section we share our experience, strength, hope, and ideas on how to support them. 

Proactively:  How do we reach out to communities of younger people? How do we make our meetings a welcome place for all age groups?

Responsively:  When young people come into the rooms, how to we support them?  In addition to following the general suggestions for welcoming newcomers, the following thoughts may be helpful:

  • People’s needs are different, so we can listen to hear what new members are seeking. Sometimes they may find it more helpful to connect with other CODA members in their age group.
  • Explain to newcomers how they can email to get a national Sponsor List, to help them locate a sponsor who may be able to offer support to this age group in particular. 

Tools especially helpful for younger newcomers

  • Young People’s CoDA meetings:  Meetings can use the phrase “young people’s” in their name or meeting description, though this does not exist as a meeting category on Find a Meeting at Although people of all ages are welcome at Young People’s meetings, in general they are run by and geared toward younger members (those 25 and under). 
  • Use of social media for fellowship:  Younger members of CoDA are also finding ways to use social media as a conduit for fellowship, but care must be taken to protect their own and others’ anonymity. For more information, see Anonymity and Social Media
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