Supporting Members

How can we support members within the CoDA fellowship?  Often people think of “outreach” as reaching out to others outside of CoDA, but it can also be considered reaching out to others within CoDA.  Sometimes this is referred to as “in-reach”.  In this section, we have several categories where people share their experience and resources on how we can support members, albeit a newcomer or a long time CoDA member, as well as to foster healthy meetings.

  • Newcomer Support: Guidance is offered for considering the first contact with a newcomer, ideas on how to have a welcoming meeting for newcomers and what you can do proactively as a group to foster a welcoming and supportive meeting.
  • Fostering Inclusive Meetings: Fostering respect for all members is an important part of our program, and therefore an important reminder to groups is to consider accommodate for inclusion, rather than exclusion.
  • Accessibility of Meetings:  Members share experience in considering the accessibility of meetings so that people who are suffering with codependency can access meetings. Ideas for fostering accessibility and accommodations in the areas of physical, visual or hearing  impairments are shared as a beginning.
  • Healthy Meetings:  This section includes resources for fostering healthy meetings.  A sub-section of Meeting Formats (including formats for many types of meetings, business meetings and alternative format meetings) is in development.
  • Working the Twelve Steps: Ideas and resources are offered from members sharing options for working the Twelve Steps.  This includes utilizing CoDA literature but additionally can include Step Study Groups and Step Work Resources.
  • Worldwide Support: This section offers options for international support of members or groups.

FEEDBACK & SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS PAGE:  The Outreach Resource Guide (ORG) is a work in progress which depends on contributions from you, our fellowship members. Please submit suggestions and materials by going to the Submissions page for further instructions.

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