CoDA Outreach Resource Guide

The Outreach Resource Guide (ORG) for Co-dependents Anonymous is a resource for CoDA members worldwide who are interested in outreach service work.  As stated in Tradition 5, “Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the codependent who still suffers.” “Outreach” is the term used for many of the ways to carry the message of recovery, by reaching out to others, sharing our recoveries, and supporting one another.  We hope this guide is helpful for groups and individual CoDA members who wish to carry the message through outreach service.

The ORG distills many members’ experience, strength, and hope in carrying the message, and provides information about CoDA Conference-approved service guidelines and literature. It provides information to individuals and groups wishing to engage in outreach activities, including lists CoDA service resources, references to relevant CoDA literature, and suggestions based on members’ experiences including examples (service templates), when possible. There are five sections of the ORG:

Service Guidelines Attracting Members Supporting Members Connecting Members Contacts & Information
Service Guidelines
Guidance for CoDA members on outreach service work, with particular focus on how the Twelve Traditions impact outreach service, as well as public information, the Twelve Service Concepts, and other guidelines
Attracting Members
Information to assist in carrying the message of the CoDA fellowship to the codependent who still suffers, who may not know of CoDA, and inform professionals and others about the program
Supporting Members
Ideas on how to welcome and support new members, foster healthy meetings, and carry the message within CoDA
Connecting Members
Resource areas regarding how members can support the service of one another and foster regional and global fellowship and connections
Contacts & Information
Contact the CoDA world Outreach Committee or other CoDA outreach resources and make submissions for the ORG

The ORG is written by CoDA members for CoDA members and revised on an ongoing basis. Facilitated by the CoDA world Outreach Committee, workgroups are formed to compile or create material, which must then be approved by a group conscience process before publication. To optimize the guide’s usefulness, all CoDA members are encouraged to click on Submissions to provide feedback and suggestions, and to make contributions of your own materials to the committee for consideration. To find out more about the CoDA Outreach Committee and its procedures, or if you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee and/or a workgroup member, please go to the Contacts & Information section.

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Disclaimer: All visual images (including photos) on the website are copyrighted. They may not be reproduced and/or used for any purpose.
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